One may ask what is that which makes an institution really great. In my view, in this age of competitive ranking, going ahead with discipline and various academic activities and an environment of quality education, our post graduate college of Barabanki and infact in the whole arena of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad is a milestone of greatness and an éclat.

Here we merely do not emphasize numerical strength of students but give emphasis on academic achievements, quality, competitive spirit, struggle and humanitarian kind virtues. Equipped with such personality gems we prepare the girls for a better future as an Indian, representing true ethos of Indian culture and civilization which could perpetuate for centuries to come. We generally note that a boy in Indian Society is a symbol of inherent tradition but a girl child as a full-fledged ambassador of Indian culture, not only runs a family but in fact is known for creating a new generation of tradition and modernity. With this aim in view we organize every year program of teaching creative activities with innovative ideas. We are fully conscious of the fact that today we are in competition with ourselves and once we reach the pinnacle, it is always difficult to maintain the position and therefore we have to work hard continuously.

Besides quality education we organize national and state level seminars in the field of literature, socio-cultural gathering, sports, Ranger camp etc. By maintaining rich Library well-equipped laboratories, Educational Tours etc., we are constantly moving ahead our desired goals. Your good wishes will certainly pave the way for us. With this hope.

Our achievements:-

Our college has contributed to extend the sublimity of the university by achieving the ” state Level sovereign “  award in 1994 in whole U.P. besides this. This has made a new record by achieving the Indira Gandhi N.S.S. Award in 2006. College has also made a history by receiving the Swami Vivekananda N.S.S.  Award continuously in 2003 ,03,04,05,06,08 and  in 2009  announced  by R.M.L. Awadh University Faizabad (U.P.) . We have organized  two days national seminar on, “Modern sensitivity in Literature and Vision of Mohaprana nirala” due to the occasion of college’s “Silver Jubilee” on Feb. 12th and 13th, 2016 in collaboration with ‘Uttar Pradesh  Hindi Sansthan’. We are also fortunate to govern the total education of 25 subjects besides B.Ed  dept. On graduation Level we are functioning 12 subject in  Art faculty while 8 subjects in science as well. On P.G. level 5 subjects are being taught by our eminent and talented faculty members. We have  also B.Ed. faculty with rich as per.